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Grooming Tips

Grooming Equipment:

For general upkeep, we recommend a slicker brush (Arturo is the best for a lagotto, a metal rake, and a medium/coarse metal comb. With these three items you can keep your dog brushed thoroughly and mat-free. For toe nails, we recommend a Dremel or grinding device. It should ONLY be the rechargeable type, not the corded type. The corded variety spins much too fast and can be dangerous. Our favorite dog shampoo is  Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse and Rough Coat Shampoo.  If you are planning on doing the trimming work on your own dog, we recommend the following brands: Andis 2-speed clipper with 10, 7F and 5F blades, Economy 44/20 thinning shears, and DublDuck scissors. Grooming table and arm are absolutely necessary! Don’t ever leave your dog on a table WITHOUT tying him securely with a grooming arm – jumping or falling could severely injure him. Obviously, never leave the dog alone while on the grooming table in a noose. If you are having your dog trimmed professionally, we can provide you with instructions for your groomer – they shouldn’t be trimmed like a Doodle!!!  


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